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The Basics

The Basics

What is WorkCover? 

WorkCover is a statewide workers compensation insurance scheme that ensures employees are financially supported if they are injured or become ill because of their work. 

It is compulsory for Victorian employers to provide it to full-time, part-time, and casual employees. Many self-employed contractors, owner-drivers, and out-workers working from home may also be covered.

The WorkCover system covers most employees in Victoria however if you are employed by the Commonwealth Government, a Commonwealth Government Business Enterprise, or a self-insured licensee under the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (SRC Act) you may be covered by the system called “ComCare”. You will need to check with your Union for further advice. 


What is covered by WorkCover?

WorkCover is eligible for employees who have suffered an injury or fallen ill at work, on lunch or other breaks, at work functions, attending training for work, or on any other activity connected with work. It may cover your loss of income, medical and rehabilitation costs, legal costs, and even compensation if you experience a serious injury.  

Compensation can also be paid for some heart conditions, lung conditions, cancers, nervous conditions, stress, anxiety, occupational overuse injuries (previously known as "repetitive strain injuries") or dermatitis, but there must be adequate evidence that work was a significant contributing factor.

In Victoria journey insurance is no longer covered by the Workers Compensation system. This means you are no longer covered by Workers Compensation when travelling to and from work. However, you may be entitled to compensation from the Transport Accident Commission if a vehicle was involved. For further information on this, call your Union.

If the injury occurred whilst walking to or from work, or riding a bicycle to or from work, then contact the Union for advice as to other potential remedies.


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Last Modified: 01/07/2021

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