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Injured Workers from the Network have had a number of articles published detailing their experiences with WorkCover in publications across Victoria. You can view them all on this page. Please have a read and share widely.

WorkCover battle: Why this woman feels she has been unfairly treated

IWSN Member and organiser of the Ballarat local group meetings Jen Bearham talks about the failures of WorkCover to provide her the care she needed and the incompetency of IME's who even diagnosed the wrong leg for her injury. 

Paul was told he had arthritis, his workplace injury was far more serious

In this article, electrician and IWSN member Paul details his experience being misdiagnosed with IMEs, WorkCover dismissing the opinions of his GP and being stalked by private investigators all exacerbating his physical injury and leading to psychological harm. 

Why for Profit Workplace Insurance Ruins Lives

Reece Gittins, former OHS Organiser at the Victorian Trades Hall Council and supporter of the IWSN,  writes about the history of WorkCover, how it came to be, and the need to immediately move away from a for profit system to a public system without insurance agents.  

Victoria to limit WorkCover compensation for stress after deal struck with opposition

Jacinta Allan and Danny Pearson

Unions urge MPs to ditch ‘appalling’ WorkCover changes as claims soar

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