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By joining the Injured Workers Support Network you join hundreds of injured workers around Victoria sticking together to create a fairer world.

Joining the IWSN does a few fantastic things:

  1. Allows injured workers to better advocate for fair treatment in the Australian WorkCover system, through strength by numbers and solidarity. As the network grows, we will be able to push for better and better things for injured workers, hold insurance companies and WorkCover to account and
  2. Allows you to input into the direction of the IWSN into the future. We want the input of as many injured workers as possible, to make sure our campaigns and events are as practical as possible, and make your life as an injured worker easier.
  3. Attend IWSN events. Members of the network regularly meet up to talk about how being an injured worker affects our lives and the steps we can take to improve the WorkCover system. We would love to have your stories and your input there. We can also offer direct 1 on 1 support during these meetings, to support you on your way through the WorkCover system.

We like to welcome our new members with a warm welcome, so after you join the network, you can expect a call from one of our members to introduce themselves within a few days.

When you sign up, you also receive a WorkCover Claim Record tool to help you keep track of your WorkCover Claim.

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