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Mark Titford

Mark Titford

Injured November 2000. Rolled an ankle on an uneven floor which just happened to be being fixed the very next day. Tore nerves, tendons and chipped some bone. Contracted Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome.

In 2002 decided to amputate but were told to investigate options and get 2nd 3rd and 150 opinions. 2006 eventually got it amputated.

Struggled with the prosthetic for 2 years before getting a leg I could actually wear.

Since the amputation had numerous operations to help with nerve pain. On top of that had a form of cancer growing around the injury which needed to be cut out as well.

All of this as well as dealing with an insurance company trying to kick me off their books. Stop payments for things like medications to stopping treatment for chiropractic. Trying to parent my kids, to taking over 10 years to make my en-suite safe to shower in. Being followed by the insurance company and then being told I can only have one shoe.

Now doing a course in Mental Health which is quite enjoyable. Volunteering for “The Bridge” one day a week.


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