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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement outlines how the IWSN and VTHC will work together to achieve our collective objectives - to offer support to injured workers as they face the challenges of dealing with workers’ compensation through peer support and empower injured workers to collectively fight the injustices inherent in the compensation scheme and win reforms to give injured workers fair compensation and dignity in rehabilitation and re-employment.

The three main functions of the group will be:


1. creating social community and acting as a social hub for injured workers.

The IWSN will act as a traditional peer support and a social circle where members are encouraged to organise social activities, catch ups and any discussion or events they feel will benefit them and their mentality as an injured worker.


2. gathering and supplying information on navigating the systems of WorkCover and distributing that information in ways that are practical for injured workers.

The IWSN will help injured workers to produce and distribute resources for injured workers to help them navigate the systems surrounding injured workers. This can include, but is not limited to, online articles and fact sheets and responding to requests for information.


3. campaigning and working to improve the lives of injured workers by bettering the systems around them. 

As the IWSN is a part of the Victorian Trades Hall Council, skills and resources can be put towards campaigning around the issues that interfere with the well being of injured workers to improve their quality of life. Issues that are chosen and campaigned on will be determined in partnership between members of the IWSN and VTHC.

In pursuit of these objectives, the parties will continually look both within Victoria and nationally for like-minded organisations and individuals and external injured worker support groups with whom to collaborate.


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