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Report an IME

Report an IME

Report an issue or negative experience with an IME, help improve the system for injured workers.

Here at the IWSN, we realised that if we got all of the terrible IMEs removed from the approved list, the entire experience of being an injured worker would change. Injured workers wouldn’t be stressed about going to an IME, crossing their fingers that this particular IME they’re seeing isn’t telling everyone they see to return to work, and that their life isn’t about to be turned on it’s head.

Here’s how you can help get it done. If you or someone you know has had a negative experience with an IME, log it on our “Make a Report” page, right here on the IWSN site. Once we gather enough data from enough injured workers and can see trends in which IMEs are causing injured workers grief, we can take that to WorkSafe, to get them removed from their approved list.

Your data will be securely stored by the IWSN, and not shared with any other group or network. No information that you give us on your negative experiences with IMEs will be in anyway published.

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