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Injured workers deserve rights and dignity

Injured workers deserve rights and dignity

The Injured Workers Support Network (IWSN) is a network of injured workers who support each other. We also campaign for our fundamental rights as injured workers. We’re fighting to create a Victorian workers’ compensation system that treats injured workers with dignity and respect.

Injured workers deserve:

  • A fair and transparent workers compensation system
  • Injured workers being placed at the centre of the claim process
  • A charter of legal rights


How can you get involved?

To win these rights and the dignity we deserve, we need to make sure every person in Victoria knows about our struggles as injured workers.

To do that we need to:


1. Grow the Injured Workers Support Network

The IWSN has four local support groups that meet once a month – in Ballarat, Melbourne, Bendigo, and Online. We want to make sure all injured workers know that they are invited to come along. Join your local group or start your own here.


2. Spread awareness of our issues

We need to spread awareness of the issues injured workers face. Spreading awareness starts by talking to our family, friends, and community. If you have a friend, family member, or someone you know who is disgusted by you experience with WorkCover, ask them to take action. They can post stickers on the street, share your story with their friends and family, write to MPs or share our posts on social media. You can also visit doctors’ offices and ask them to keep our flyers and stickers in their waiting rooms.

Injured workers can’t do this alone. We need everyone’s help to make a difference.


3. Share our story

Your story and experiences are your most powerful weapon. We need everyone to know they are one incident away from having their lives turned upside down by a brutal system that is failing injured workers.  

Can you share your story? Get in touch with Divina at [email protected].


Campaign resources:

Rozen Review Briefing Slides

Ballarat Local Group Poster

Bendigo Local Group Poster

Melbourne Local Group Poster

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